Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We made it!

Well, we made it. It was rough but really no major problems. We are still very jetlagged -- the kids have woken up at 1am for two nights in a row. The island is very beautiful. Lots of lush green hills and gorgeous water. This morning we went to the beach for a swim. The water is warm and like a swimming pool, essentially no waves. Too tired to write many details, but wanted to send some pics. We are staying temporarily in a 2-bedroom apartment. The sunset was gorgeous last night and the rainbow greeted us this morning (when the sun finally came up after being up most of the night entertaining the kids!).


Ron and Sherry said...

Thank you! Thank you! We were so surprised that you got internet access so quickly and could send photos. Also have really appreciated the updates on what and how you are doing. All we had been concerned about was surviving the long flight. We had not considered jetlag, esp. for the kids. Wow, what a challenge! Looking forward to hearing more whenever you have time. Love to all, Mom/Nana and Dad/Papa

Tammy Davis said...

I've had you all (and your flight) on my mind all week. It's great to see that you made it and the photos look great. We already miss you here. Brad will be gone after tomorrow. Good for him, bad for us.
This was a great idea to keep in touch and share in your adventure. Miss you!
Take Care, Tammy D.

Diana Gallaher said...

Wonderful wonderful! I can't wait to hear more! love, Diana

cousin sharon said...

Your trip to Saipan reminded me of our journey to Okinawa in 1970..15+ hours in the air from San Francisco sitting next to chain smokers - times have changed. This adventure will provide wonderful memories for your family for your lifetime and I am proud of you in many ways. I am looking forward to following along via your blog. take care and enjoy it all !!

Kelly Rupp said...

Ryan and Kim,
Yea! I'm sure the most difficult and strenuous part of your adventure is behind you. I am praying that the Lord fills you each with peace and serenity during this transition. Take this time to truly appreciate and fully experience such a different part of the world. day at a time! Go out and soak up the rich culture...and the sun! I love you! your sis, Kelly