Friday, June 1, 2007

House is rented and movers came

We waited and the right renter came (we think!). Paige is a women who is graduating from UC Berkeley with a Ph.D. in economics. She is moving to Nashville to teach at the Vanderbilt Law School. Although the house is bit big for one person, she likes the area and will essentially 'close off' the upstairs. We welcome Paige to Nashville. I think she will be a great fit.

The movers came in a whirlwind to pick up our 'personal effects'as they say in Saipan. We only had 24 hours to prepare (it all happened very fast) so we threw what we think we will need into boxes and piled it onto our living room floor. The filled container takes 8 weeks minimum to arrive in Saipan and goes via steam ship across the Pacific. I was told not to pack candles or combustibles because it could get up to 150 degrees!

Sister Kelly comes this weekend, yea!

Departure date is set for June 25th.


Diana Gallaher said...

Great! I know finding a good renter is a relief. Thanks for the update. Less than a month away...good stuff!

John said...

Congrats Kim and Ryan. Moving is a complete headache as we all know. I hope having your "stuff" packed up and off your floor is oddly liberating.
Safe travels and enjoy the front side of your fabulous adventure.