Saturday, June 30, 2007

A night in Tokyo

Our overnight in Tokyo on the trip to Saipan was an experience. After getting off the 13 hour flight and being awake for 24+ hours, we managed to get ourselves through customs and onto a shuttle bus to the Radisson Hotel, Narita (the airport city for Tokyo). The airport was very clean and people were very friendly. Everyone seemed to enjoy their jobs. The kids were paid lots of attention (not just because they were intermittently falling apart). The food venders sold noodle bowls and rice/fish combos with chop stix as the only utensil.
We got to our room which was much smaller than a US hotel room. The staff had already set up a single bed next to our bed for Nicholas. We asked for a crib and it came right away. With all the beds there wasn't much space left in the room.
I can't remember a time when all four of us were on EMPTY like we were that night. It was as though every move took 10x the energy. My body was heavy and my brain foggy. Decisions were very difficult. Everyone was passed out by 9pm.
Morgan was first to wake at 1am. I tried to ignore her standing in her crib. She entertained herself for a few minutes before calling out. I convinced her to lie back down but I couldn't back away from the crib. She started to doze and I sneaked away. Minutes later Nicholas was up. This woke Morgan back up and both kids were wired. Ryan got the first shift. He took the kids around the hotel grounds and managed to be away about an hour. Now it was my turn.
Nicholas and I pushed Morgan in the stroller down every hallway in the hotel. NO ONE was in sight. It was 4am and dark outside. We scoped out the gym and headed out to the pool. We were gently stopped by a night security guard that spoke no English (I guess I did have to inappropriately unlock a door or two). We walked around the hotel gardens and I saw a bike path leading into a wooded area. Security was not an issue, as I felt safer in Japan than anywhere in Nashville. We walked along the path which was littered with broken, rusty bicycles. The day started to break and the grounds got very foggy. A dense fog coated the the bottom of the trees and it seemed very surreal...walking through the woods of Japan...just me and the kids. When we returned to the hotel the sun was starting to come up and somehow I knew we would make it. We went back to the room and Ryan was awake and had already showered. We were first in line for a delightful breakfast at 6am. Surprisingly, we weren't the only Americans awake and hungry!


Mary Ellen Charleton said...

I hope I am "bloging" correctly. I loved reading your info. You guys are doing great and to find a home already is super... Kim, if you get homesick, just blog as I will always be here for you guys.. I am proud and know this w/b the experience of a lifetime... Hope I can send this one, the last one disappeared. ha Love ya Prayers and blessings... Meme

Kelly Rupp said...

WOW! I love reading about all of your new experiences! It sounds like a very surreal time. Keep the pictures coming, too, so we can feel like we're there with you! We leave for TN tomorrow at 4:30am...we'll be thinking of you!!
Love, your sis

Kara said...

I'm so glad we can share in your experience this way!
The pictures are amazing.

blessings, the Oliver's