Saturday, June 30, 2007

Getting settled

We just put the kids down, they are exhausted by the evenings. They are now sleeping until 4-5am, much improved (but still early). We are beginning to see through the fog. Saipan is really a neat place. It is truly a combo of the US and a third world country.
We found a place to live today! We traveled all over the island and found several houses, townhouses, etc. Each seemed to have its own advantages/disadvantages. Then we stumbled upon the 'Coral Island Condominiums' on the highest part of the island (about 1500ft). We loved it and the view is one we will never experience again. 15 minutes after we left we decided we wanted to live there and we move in tomorrow! This will promptly be followed by our first trip to Costco, I'm sure.
Ryan starts work on Monday. I am a little anxious for him to leave us 'alone', but this is all part of the growing experience. People are very friendly and we meet people everywhere. I am feeling a little homesick, however, but this is typical for me.


Ron and Sherry said...

Great news about the condo! Is it the same one you described on the phone? So glad you can move so quickly before Ryan starts work. We loved talking to all of you and esp. enjoyed Nicky's description of the big house where you and others were living and the ocean all around the island. Love to all, M/N and D/P

Ron and Sherry said...

We were concerned that the posting time for both of your entries was 3-something AM. Did you have another wild night? Love, Mom and Dad