Wednesday, July 18, 2007

more photos

Pics of the hospital and a night out at the 'market'. Every Thursday night there is a farmers' market/dinner market with entertainment (last week there were young kids singing and dancing to pop music - Nicholas was fascinated).


Anna Cramer said...

What an amazing experience you are having. The church sounds wonderful and I'm so glad that you found it. We miss you guys, but I am so impressed by what you are doing. Please, keep writing! Love, Anna

Ron and Sherry said...

Love the photos! Your kitchen and living area really look nice. Lots of cabinets and counter space! Who is holding Morgan in the photo? Where is the location? It looks like one of the resorts. Kim, so glad you are having a better week! Love, Mom and Dad

Mary Ellen Charleton said...

Hey guys, Aunt Meme lost her password and have to reset and it takes me "awhile". So glad to hear of your happenings... Kim, I understand those times when we aren't as busy as we are used to and it is difficult.. You hang in there and I am sure you will be blessed and will bless those around you with your assistance whether it be medical or friendship with others.. You search out what makes you happy. I am sure Ryan loves the different types of people he is coming in contact with.. I know the kids will steal the hearts of everyone around them...I love your condo and it is so AMERICAN.. I will look at our SW Florida sunsets and think of you guys looking at your sunsets and it will make me feel closer to you. I love and miss you and know you are in our daily thoughts and prayers.. Kelly's Ellen is following your blogs and loves it.. Kisses and hugs to all, even a single man if you find me a good one ha.... Love Aunt Meme