Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 17

We are settling into life in Saipan. I definitely feel a world away. Last week I was pretty homesick...feeling isolated and wondering what I will possibly do to pass the days. Fortunately, this week that feeling is gone! I continue to feel strengthened by God's plan for us. The sunsets help.
I have not finalized what I will be doing here for work, but I am in preliminary talks with some private practice doctors who want me to start a sleep lab. I am also interested in doing a few neurology clinics per month. There is a great need for both neurology and sleep medicine on the island.
Below are photos of 'Rocky' (Ryan's new wheels), the beach, plus a few of the inside of our condo.
love to all,
P.S. We will hopefully be getting Internet service at our condo in the next few weeks!

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