Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christmas in July

Our stuff is suppose to arrive tomorrow! After 9+ weeks of crossing the swells of the Pacific, the container has deposited our belongings on Saipan. We saw the barge coming in last Friday with positive feelings of "maybe this is our stuff". Nicholas thought he could see his bike hiding. Since that time, Customs has been authorizing the shipment and Ryan got the call today to expect delivery tomorrow morning. I am not sure if I am more excited that our stuff has arrived or that the kids and I have something to do tomorrow! Nonetheless...Christmas in July! Love to all, Kim

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Mary Ellen Charleton said...

The photos are awesome and looks as tho the kiddies don't have any trouble making friends. Hope by now Nicholas has his bike and is excited to ride... Morgan looks very happy and adjusted.. How is Kim and Ryan doing? We miss you but so enjoy reading about your adventures...The entry regarding the puffer fish and the treatment was so interesting.. Good Job Ryan. Love you all very much.. Aunt Meme