Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 21

This weekend started with us getting the Internet set up in our condo. Yea! I love it and feel more in touch with the world (we don't have TV). Ryan has enjoyed this time away from email, ads, and information overload.
Ryan took the kids to an island baseball tournament on Sat. morning. Nicholas enjoyed retrieving the 'home run' balls over the fence. I was busy having my car looked over. After two weeks of running fairly well, it wouldn't start. Fortunately my friend, Lito, who sold me the car, is also a mechanic. He and his friend brought their tools over to work on the car. Mark, Lito's 4 year-old son, also came and had fun playing with Nicholas.
Church today celebrated the final Sunday of Pastor Bud. It was very emotional for the congregation. I am sorry that we won't experience his leadership. There is something about music in church that triggers my tears! After the service, we had a huge celebratory meal with the Korean Methodist congregation. It was fun to try the different foods. Nicholas has been "singing" in the children's choir.
Love to you all. Thanks so much for all of your support and comments!
Photos: Nicholas watching the baseball game, shopping at a streetside market, sunset from our porch, Nicholas singing in the children's choir, and Morgan sitting with Pastor Bud (she wanted to sit on his lap during the children's time).

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