Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The kids need a swingset, Kim suggested. Sounds like a project, I thought.
We have a small section (15 x 25) of grass between condos on our level. Our immediate neighbors are a Japanese family with two boys (5 and 10ish), friends of Nicholas. The design is to build a wooden frame that can be fixed to one of the (concrete) condo walls. The area under the stairwell serves as my workshop.
The kids accompanied me on the adventure to purchase the materials. A group effort at the lumber yard helped to tie it to the top of Rocky.
I asked them, "You think it'll make it?"
They said, "Shouldn't be a long as you don't have to go all the way up to Mt. Tapochau."
I replied, "I'll tell you how it goes." It poured rain the whole way up, but we made it.
I got a tire from the recycling place, and I hope to make swings out of it. Does anyone have suggestions as to how one can cut a tire? Tin snips maybe?

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