Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saipan Sunsets

Sunsets from our condo balcony and the World Resort.


Katherine Dix Esquivel said...

Kim and Ryan- It looks like paradise. I hope y'all will come home at the end of the year! Kim, I'm so curious how stay-at-home motherhood is going for you. Much love, Katherine

Mary Ellen Charleton said...

Hey you Hutchison family. I truly enjoyed "catching up" with your events this morn. The sunsets are absolutely breath taking. The kids and you both look like Saipan is agreeing with you as the restful, peaceful look of true enjoyment of life and it's beauty, minus of course, missing friends and family, as we miss you all. Nicholas & Morgan are growing and I love seeing their sibling relationship grow so closely. Love to all ... Aunt Meme

Brad Gleason said...

Kim and Ryan,
Glad you are doing so well. See you in 2009 when we make the trip over. Do other folks think you are actually coming back to the states at some point? You need to end the suspense, buy a place over there, and sell your house in Nashville. The Gleasons are super jealous of your digs. Brad