Monday, August 20, 2007

One of my greatest moments

There is a small island off the west shore of Saipan, named Managaha. Ferry boats cart locals and tourists alike across the 15 minute divide. The island is set up for daytrippers with food service, changing rooms, and beach rentals (there is camping overnight but no hotels). The first trip we took to Managaha was on a Saturday afternoon. After discovering I forgot to pack the sandwiches I made, we bargained with Nicholas to eat at the snack bar before heading to the beach. Just as we finished eating, the skies closed into a tropical downpour. Everyone on the island packed under the single tin-roofed shelter. The rain persisted for over an began to get cold. With few options remaining, Ryan took the kids swimming in the rain. We were all glad to see the boat arrive to take us home (TGIO!).
I was determined, and we took off the next Saturday again for Managaha. This time we left in the morning and the skies were clear and sunny. I had found a kid-size mask and snorkel set that Nicholas had been practicing with (first in the bath tub, then in the swimming pool). We pumped him up for seeing "real fish" in the ocean. The color of the water was incredible. The brightest turquois blue you can imagine! Once we arrived, Ryan pushed a sleeping Morgan around in the stroller while Nicholas and I headed straight to the beach (snorkel sets in hand). Bits and pieces of the coral reef lie 10 yards off the shore. Nicholas grabbed my hand and braved the open waters. The next moment is one I hope to never forget. Swarms of fish, all colors and sizes surrounded us. Nicholas was screaming with excitement, pointing in every direction and shouting at me through his snorkel (no idea that I couldn't actually understand him). We coasted around the reef, hand in hand, pointing out interesting tropical fish and coral formations. He wouldn't get out for over an hour.
Ryan and I learned to scuba dive together when we were dating and have since spent many vacations diving. To introduce and experience the underwater world with our child warms my heart like few other experiences.


Kristen said...

Kim, what a beautiful, exciting experience for you and Nicholas!! I have been thinking of you all a lot lately and hope you are well. I am teaching the 4 year old Sunday School class-Nicholas is on my roster-he will be missed!! I also checked our class list to see when your birthdays are and see you just celebrated one-Happy Belated Birthday!! Love from Nashville-Kristen Riley

Kara said...

You painted this picture beautifully. Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us. We think of you often.

Diana Gallaher said...

Your description of this experience warms my heart too. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday Kim. love, Diana