Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flame Tree

Last weekend was an all-star time as we participated in the 27th annual Flame Tree Arts Festival. There were artists' booths, local food vendors, contests (e.g. coconut husking, watermelon eating), and a stage for bands and cultural dancers.
My booth was 10 feet wide x 20 feet deep. I divided it into a front section for display and a rear section for VIPs. I showed 12 originals and had 20 prints made from 5 of those. My friend and fellow artist Greg Elliott (www.elliottartwork.com) printed and packaged them in his apartment (and did an awesome job). I also had airplanes/windtoys made of plastic bottles and aluminum cans for sale. The VIPs got cool water mist, ice and water refills, beer, and a chance to sit in the shade.
The weekend was such a blast, just sitting there mingling with new and old friends. The festival went from morning until late night and was a great party. I sold two originals and several prints and airplanes, and made a bunch of money (I broke even, that is).
My booth neighbors were a Carolinian group from the nearby island of Yap. They made me a palm hat that we passed around (see photos, including my friend Frank from the lab at the hospital, who initially encouraged me to participate).
I didn't take as many pictures of the festival as I would have liked. If you're interested, my friend Jack Hardy has lots on his website www.photographypeople.com

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